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No New Posts Important Information
Be sure to make this your first stop. You will find the rules and other things you need to must read before you can begin to role play.
4 4 Open Threads
by Ishy
Nov 11, 2014 18:53:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements
Activity checks, site notes from staff members and any important site related events and additions will be posted here for all members to see.
Sub-board: Sign Ups
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No New Posts Ask Us!
Have a question or a better way to improve the site? Let us know! Guest Friendly.
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No New Posts Advertising & Affiliation
Any advertisements should be posted here in the appropriate sub-board. Proboards & Invisionfree/Jcink only. Guest Friendly.
921 966 Fodlan Chronicles
by Sothis
Feb 6, 2020 8:04:11 GMT -5

For the Character

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No New Posts Character Bio's
This is where you will find the template for your character application.
3 4 Shadow Blaze Application
by Shadow Blaze
Jun 23, 2015 22:32:26 GMT -5
No New Posts Completed Characters
Congratulations! Completed characters will be moved here and sorted into the appropriate sub-board.
37 58 Alessandra Sovereign
by Ishy
May 3, 2015 17:22:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Species Information
Anything you need to know about the site's species is posted in this board.
22 22 Werecreature-Shifter
by Ishy
Jun 4, 2015 18:31:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Claims
Everything from the Face Claim to the Power Claims can be found here.
5 6 Relationships
by Ishy
Jan 7, 2015 12:52:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Groups
Covens, packs, families, and organizations will be listed here including their respective leaders and requirements.
10 13 The Omni
by Ishy
Feb 28, 2015 20:12:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Site Lists
All our lists including the Clan List, Canon List and Relationship List is located here.
2 2 Divine Family Tree
by Ishy
Jan 19, 2015 19:23:01 GMT -5

For the Member

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No New Posts Plotting
In here you can post up some plot ideas for your own character.
15 66 We All Start Small
by Leto
May 2, 2015 18:31:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Trackers
Without some sort of organization it's easy to loose track of all your threads. This is the place to keep up with all your threads and see who's posting with who.
6 6 Cindy's Tracker
by Olivia Caine
Apr 25, 2015 1:38:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Want Ads
In here make a request for your character. Whatever you may need whether it be a mother, a father, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, anything you can think of.
11 13 The Other Stärkes
by Macht Stärke
Mar 29, 2015 18:22:17 GMT -5
No New Posts The Sanctuary
This is a board made especially for the members. You can use this board to store anything you wish whether it be your stories, graphics, templates, character images, or anything you simply do not wish to lose for your characters. You can even use this board as a testing board for templates and the likes. Here you can be sure your work is safe and sound.
6 34 Cindy's Junk
by Olivia Caine
Apr 25, 2015 1:32:38 GMT -5

In Character Extra's

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No New Posts Timeline
Need a place to keep track of the order in which your characters threads take place in? Look no further!
4 4 Vagabond's Timeline
by Deleted
Feb 8, 2015 15:17:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Journals
Deep dark secrets, emotion filled pages, and those crushes you think no one notices. Pages upon pages of every thought you ever had. Guard your book with your life.
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No New Posts Photo Albums
Memories fade but pictures are forever. Keep them safe here.
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No New Posts Cell Phones
Need to send a text or leave a voicemail? Stop by here and leave a message.
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Harper Valley

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No New Posts Town Square
The Town Square is the town 'hot spot' and is always the place to be. In the center stands a large water fountain which is one of the towns oldest structures. Surrounding the fountain are various shops and restaurants ranging from family owned to corporate businesses. Recently clubs have been popping up and attract a younger population to the small town.
Sub-boards: Town Hall, Il Cafè Mania
3 29 and they call it puppy love
by Dante Allegretti
May 3, 2015 12:40:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Residences
The majority of Harper Valley's residences are traditional southern style homes but do include more modern homes, apartments, and condos nowadays.
2 25 Dancing On A Razor } Damian Moore
by Natália Rosario
Apr 26, 2015 18:35:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Rosewood Park
Rosewood Park was named after Rose Harper, John Harper's wife. She was known to love roses and planted them where the park stands today. The park has its own small pond with ducks to feed and its own gazebo.
2 10 New Roots
by Deleted
Apr 5, 2015 15:54:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Valley Hospital
Valley hospital was built in the early 1800's and is the towns resident ER and hospital, servicing not only Harper Valley residents but the surrounding smaller towns as well.
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No New Posts Shopping District
The shopping district is where Harper Valley's more modern and expensive stores and restaurants are located.
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No New Posts The Silver Bird Bar & Grille
The Silver Bird, or commonly known as "The Bird", is one of Harper Valley's most popular food joint and bar. The owner is a descendant of a original Harper Valley resident and transformed the towns old post office into one of the busiest restaurants in town.
1 3 Old Soul; New World
by Dionysios Arkadios
Jan 1, 2015 13:54:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Sheriffs Station
The Harper Valley police force was formed when the town in the late 19th century and is the towns leading and only source of legal protection, from both humans and supernatural alike.
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No New Posts School System
Here you can find all of the schools located within Harper Valley's limits, ranging from pre-k to community college.
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No New Posts Harper Valley Public Library
The Public Library building is one of the town's original buildings though it has been renovated recently and is located close to the cemetery.
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No New Posts Cemetery
From the most influential to the common man the town cemetery is home to all kinds of individuals dating all the way back to the early 1600's. Though there are a few families in town that have their own cemeteries the town cemetery is the largest and only public burial ground in Harper Valley that is still in use today. Rumor has it that there are several older cemeteries from before the town and unmarked graves around town, some even larger than the official cemetery.
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No New Posts Outside of Town
Places such as the lake, mountains, and forest can be found just right outside of town. Beware, they're heavily guarded by the supernatural that call them home.
Sub-board: Forest
2 8 Secrets of the Woods
by Deleted
Mar 20, 2015 19:09:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Mountains
Said to hold large amounts of magical energy the mountains surrounding Harper Valley were once home to the local native tribe's, the Tonkawa, rituals and religious practices which resulted in the opening of a portal that would eventually allow otherworldly creatures to enter our realm. Now barren and uninhabited legend tells of an unknown entity left behind by the native tribe and still resides within the mountains just waiting to be released.
1 14 The Helpless Hybrid
by Essie Contis
Apr 22, 2015 11:19:02 GMT -5

New York City

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No New Posts Brooklyn
Mainly residential, Brooklyn is split into smaller sections that are usually divided by ethnic groups. It's major attractions include the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Nets. This borough is home base for the Sentella, a special forces branched from the human government, formed by hunters, scientists, tech-nerds, and scouts that work to keep the supernatural world in check and the human population safe. The entrance is only known to Sentella members and is disguised as a laundry mat with the entrance being an 'Out of Order' bathroom.
6 55 Being Grounded
by Macht Stärke
Apr 19, 2015 16:00:41 GMT -5
No New Posts Bronx
The northern most borough of New York City The Bronx is the only part of the city that is connected to mainland. This borough is home to places such as the Bronx Zoo, New York Museum of the Arts, and Yankee Stadium as well as is the new home of the Original Werewolf and his pack.
Sub-board: Fire and Ice Diner
7 57 I'm... Bleeding.
by Sara Cromwell
Apr 21, 2015 17:41:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Manhattan
Manhattan is the borough with the least amount of square feet. It is considered to be the major economic, cultural, and financial center of the United States. Located within is Times Square, Broadway, World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Central Park making it the tourist center of the city. With its booming night life Manhattan is the perfect place for Vampires.
Sub-board: Ivory Tower Stocks
17 168 Hiding in the Dark
by Paige Anderson
May 11, 2015 18:33:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Queens
It is the largest borough in the city and has the greatest ethnic diversity, thus splitting it into various neighborhoods. Home to the Unisphere in Corona Park, The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the New York Mets Stadium, and Citi Field the borough is also the only borough in the city to have both humans and supernaturals living in close proximity peacefully.
2 11 Fly Me to the Moon
by Brooke Sinclair-Knight
Mar 30, 2015 21:35:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Staten Island
The southernmost borough of the city Staten Island is also the least populated. It once contained the worlds largest landfill but that area is now being turned into New York City's second largest public park. Most people visit the island for the stunning views of The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan that are seen on the ferry ride to the borough. The Island also draws in tourists with the Staten Island Zoo and the Postcards 9/11 Memorial. Currently the entrance to the Magi Council can be found here.
5 22 Past Transgressions
by Calloway Hastings
Apr 22, 2015 11:38:03 GMT -5
No New Posts New York Islands
The New York Islands include Ellis Island, Riker's Island, Hart Island, Liberty Island, Long Island, and many other smaller islands.
2 25 Training Spouses
by Gabriel
Apr 18, 2015 9:39:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Outside the City
As exciting as the main city is New York is home to countless other cities and small towns as well.
3 32 King of the Jungle
by Naomi Beaumont
Apr 10, 2015 22:21:33 GMT -5

Las Vegas

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No New Posts Suburbs
The suburbs of Las Vegas is relatively new and houses residents ranging from lower class to high middle class.
1 15 A Test of Loyalty
by Nykolae Demetri Sovereign
Apr 17, 2015 11:50:16 GMT -5
No New Posts The Strip
The Strip is the main gambling and entertainment district in Las Vegas. Located in a surrounding unincorporated community known as Paradise, the Strip is the place to be if one wishes to indulge in their guilty pleasures and gain a bit of wealth, or lose it.
Sub-board: Red Velvet Kiss
13 103 Family Issues
by Alessandra Sovereign
May 8, 2015 20:43:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Downtown
Located in the center of the Las Vegas Valley and just north of the Las Vegas Strip, downtown is the original town site and gambling district but also features hotels, small and corporate businesses, historical buildings, government institutions, and also residential developments.
9 76 How Fate Works
by Brock Stone
May 3, 2015 17:53:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Downtown Residences
Las Vegas downtown residents consist of apartments, condo's, and single family homes.
5 37 Up In Flames
by Anya Pajari-Belkov
Apr 25, 2015 14:36:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Town Square
The Town Square, located on Las Vegas Boulevard, is a large open mall that was designed as a European village. It includes numerous stores, restaurants, and plenty of entertainment.
4 28 Passing Through[Nykolae]
by Alita Demetrio
May 3, 2015 8:00:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Hospitals
For those who seek professional medical help, there are several hospitals around Las Vegas that are available around the clock.
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No New Posts School District
Being the fifth most populous school district in the nation, the Las Vegas School District ranges from elementary to high school.
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No New Posts Vegas Police Station
The police in Las Vegas are one of the finest in the country and protect the people against the dangers of today's society day and night.
1 14 The weight of the badge
by Gina Pryor
Jan 12, 2015 17:14:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Universities
With colleges and universities like The College of Southern Nevada and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has plenty of places for those seeking a higher education, or a frat party instead.
1 49 Electrickery
by Alexandra Belkov
May 1, 2015 17:59:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Sunset Park
One of the largest parks, Sunset Park is where the residents of Las Vegas can go to relax and enjoy the scenery, or even feed the ducks.
1 1 Birth of the Sin City Pack
by Deleted
Jan 6, 2015 0:21:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Lake Mead
Only thirty minutes from the streets of Las Vegas, the lake is the closest place to the city where families and friends go to soak up the sun and enjoy the water.
2 4 Stick in the Mud
by Deleted
Jan 25, 2015 23:08:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Mountains
Once it was just like any other mountain but upon recent discovery the mountain outside Las Vegas holds a array of magical secrets unknown to many. Many have attempted to reach the center of the mountain where the energy is the strongest but only few have lived to tell their story.
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No New Posts Desert
The Nevada desert is a vast and isolated area surrounding the cities of Nevada, filled with sand and various plants and animals native to the area. Be sure not to get lost though. Rescue is hard to find and the heat is a killer.
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No New Posts Beyond Vegas
For any places or cities that are located in Nevada other than Las Vegas can be posted here.
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New Orleans

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No New Posts Downtown
Downtown New Orleans is always busy at any time of the day due to their various stores, restaurants, and old town pubs.
Sub-boards: Residences, Superdome
2 29 Just Because
by Sathanus
May 21, 2015 14:27:56 GMT -5
No New Posts French Quarter
The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and contains numerous historical buildings, hotels, restaurants, and includes Bourbon Street and Jackson Square. It is here that the Voodoo Queen and her coven meet.
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No New Posts Central Business District
Mostly known for its tall skyscrapers and historic commercial and industrial buildings, New Orleans Central Business District also includes big time businesses, numerous clubs and restaurants, and also a small, middle class neighborhood. The demons use this as a base point.
3 24 The Envy of My Heart
by Deleted
Apr 10, 2015 16:45:05 GMT -5
No New Posts University Hospital
One of the hospital's severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina, University Hospital was reopened unlike it's sister hospital, Charity Hospital, and aids the residents of New Orleans with any ailments they may have.
1 8 City of the Dead
by Zander Sterling
Apr 20, 2015 15:59:13 GMT -5
No New Posts School District
The New Orleans school district is the place where parents send their children to get an education, ranging from elementary school to high school.
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No New Posts University District
The University District is home to numerous Universities and Colleges in New Orleans.
1 4 Lust Is A Breeding Ground
by Deleted
Jan 29, 2015 23:21:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Police Department
In times of crisis the New Orleans Police Department is willing and ready to serve the residents.
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No New Posts Garden District
The location of New Orleans most beautiful historical houses, the Garden District is where you can find most of the upper class homes.
1 3 Just Another Day at the Office
by Roran Madoc
Apr 9, 2015 21:50:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Cemeteries
The miles of above ground cemeteries housed in New Orleans provide a look into the past.
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No New Posts Outskirts
The outskirts of New Orleans include several farms, old plantations, thick forests and muggy swamps.
Sub-boards: Swamps, Forests
3 41 The Devil's Palace
by Asmodeus Xaradar
May 3, 2015 19:03:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Beyond New Orleans
For any places or cities that are located in Louisiana other than New Orleans can be posted here.
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The World

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No New Posts Limbo
Much like the styles of old, the Headquarters of the Silver Cross resembles something between a mid-century castle and a Greek temple complete with lavish gardens and grand halls. Because the Headquarters was created on a plane called Limbo, there is nothing outside the Headquarters. Angels return to Earth and vice versa by using their Divine Weapon.They merely think of their destination and their weapon will take them there. The building itself is made out of opal colored granite, flickering torches sending gorgeous greens and pinks to reflect from the walls. It's a place of peace, where Angels can remain safe from Demons. Aside from the lavish building, it's purpose is strictly business. Most Angels are forbidden from "living" in Limbo as per the Goddess's decree.
1 6 More Than Just A Weapon
by Gabriel
Feb 15, 2015 16:10:37 GMT -5
No New Posts The Open Seas
Home to aquatic animals the open seas are also where the Merfolk call home.
0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts United States
Home to fifty states that are each vastly different from one another, this region has many different weather patterns and terrains. The nations capital, Washington DC stands proud and strong still and is the heart of the political system.
6 81 A Rather Reluctant Reunion
by Kaia Rion
Apr 27, 2015 13:54:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Central America
Bordering with the United States and South America, Mexico is a place well known for their hot climate and strong Tequila.
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No New Posts South America
Housing countries such as Brazil and Venezuela this large, humid continent has over 15,000 years worth of history and culture that still intrigues the tourists that visit every day.
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No New Posts Canada
Famous for their harsh snowy winters and ruthless hockey teams, Canada is the place to be if one enjoys the frigid cold.
0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Europe
The original homeland of many cultures and as well as various supernatural species this vast continent has 47 independent countries all with their own unique and rich history.
2 16 Pages of the Past
by Dionysios Arkadios
Apr 23, 2015 19:36:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Asia
With their culture as rich and as beautiful as the land they inhabit, Asia is one of the many places that takes you back to the time when things were much simpler.
0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Africa
Thought to be where we all originated from, Africa is still one of the wildest and most dangerous continents on the map.
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No New Posts Australia
Known for their beautiful beaches and vast Outback, the land of the Kangaroo's is the perfect place to escape from everyday life.
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Out of Character

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No New Posts General Discussions
A place to put random topics about any thing. Talk about life, shows, images ext. Give us feed back on world news or what ever! Have fun free chatting!
1 1 Eyes
by Leto
Apr 27, 2015 15:08:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Creative Corner
Here is where you can show off your work for others to admire, whether it be graphics or a story/fanfic. Here your creativity has no bounds.
3 3 Dream Idea
by Deleted
Apr 7, 2015 16:46:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Introductions
Make yourself known in this board. It would be nice to get to know you.
3 6 Yo, as all the cool kids say.
by Macht Stärke
Apr 24, 2015 23:44:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Departures & Absenses
Leaving the site? Or are you going to be absent for a while? Place your notice in here so we don't accidentally delete you.
3 3 Got a lot going on.
by Macht Stärke
May 11, 2015 1:21:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Games
Come in here to play some forum games. You can even create your own.
10 68 Creative Writing Contest
by Ishy
May 2, 2015 18:04:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Archives
Dead, unfinished, and completed threads go in here.
171 830 Luciana Blake
by Deleted
Apr 12, 2015 12:25:12 GMT -5

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